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Welcome to Tricks of a Single Dad! I anticipate this site will change a lot over time. I will cover Daddy related topics from experiences of being a single parent, funny things that kids do, tips on things that have worked for me and bits of personal finance I have come to find useful.

Money always seems to be in shortstuffed_giraffe demand as a single income parent paying for child care so even simple things like cutting the cable on TV and alternatives to expensive cell phone plans for example. I love input and am eager to hear some of your ideas, concerns and responses as well.

We as parents also have a lot of humorous as well as sometimes gross stories to tell including the showers of vomit and tantrums over indecisive food choices.  I have started one post that will be ongoing called ‘Dangers of the Toddler Monster‘ that will address some of these adventures.

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-Nathan E. Gosche

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